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How To Celebrate Halloween in Japan

When it comes to celebrating Halloween the Japanese put us Brits to shame. 

halloween japan

Trick or Treating is not that popular in Japan but street parties are!

The Japanese are experts at dressing up in scary costumes whilst pulling their best Michael Jackson Thriller moves on the streets of Shibuya.

TokyoCheapo has compiled a list of the best places to celebrate Halloween if you do suddenly feel the urge to fly over to join in.

It's all about the costumes! 

As the home of cosplay you expect the costumes to be pretty good... and you're correct! There's no Pikachu onesies here (admit it we've all been that Pikachu on Halloween). Each outfit is planned and executed to the finest detail. 

japan halloween
wheres wally

There's a range of costumes too... from the adorable, to the gory, to the band of Where's Wally! Although there's no music at the street parties you can make friends whilst drinking whichever alcoholic beverage takes your fancy, just remember not to litter...

Now that I suddenly feel the urge to fly over I've realised that my usual outfit of cat ears with a black dress really won't cut the mustard now. I can't be letting the UK down with a shoddy costume... Zombie Queen it is then. Phew now i've got that sorted i'm off to check for flights... and to sell a kidney to pay for it... 

But before I go I'll leave you with my final point about Halloween in Japan and it's is a poignant one:

Celebrations aren't just reserved for the streets, bars and nightclubs...

Japan. Has. Halloween. Trains.  


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