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20 Video Game Questions to Wow Your Friends in Your Next Zoom Quiz!

Hey everyone,

So hands up, who has been invited to a Zoom quiz?

Whether it's with family or friends, it's hard to avoid being invited for a Zoom quiz.

Sounds fun right? Spending time with people you love whilst being in the comfort of your own home, they don't need to know that you're just in your pants do they?

Whether you're excited or reluctantly agreeing to participate, all is well until that dreaded whatsapp message pops into the group chat; "you need to host one of the rounds".

Host a round? But, I have no general knowledge... I don't know what the tallest building in Croatia is (it's the chimney of the Plomin Power Station in Istria, in case you were wondering).

Can I just have a round of video game related questions instead? Yes, yes you can.

We have complied a collection of our best video game questions, including some Nippon Marathon questions (it would be rude not to), to make sure you're the very best Quizmaster there was, like no one ever was.

So here we go:

General Gaming Questions

  • Which video game character has the most Twitter followers? Sonic the Hedgehog, 5.8m

  • How many games has Final Fantasy's Cloud appeared in? 28

  • What was the first game to cross-play across Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo? Fortnite

  • Speedrunner Catalyst defeated Dark Souls in what record time? 1h 04m 47s

  • In The Last of Us Remastered, only 2% of players have earned this multiplayer trophy? Firefly (players must complete 84 online matches whilst playing as the Firefly Faction)

Picture Round

  • What game is this character select screen taken from? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • In Red Dead Redemption 2, this horse is the most expensive breed to purchase, but how much does one sell for? $1,250. **Bonus point for horse breed: Rose Grey Bay Arabian**

  • In Minecraft, this skin of a popular Nintendo character has been downloaded over 74,000 times, but who are they? Link.

batman in revenge of shinobi
  • Batman made an unexpected appearance in this 1989 video game. The Revenge of Shinobi

  • Who's that Pokémon? Lickitung (there are blank templates and silhouettes if you want to make your own on google)

Retro Round

  • True or false, Was the Name ‘Donkey Kong’ the result of a mistranslation? False

  • What was the price of the NES when it was first released in 1985? $199/£79.99

  • What is the file size for 1991 SNES video game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past? 1MB, 4MB, 40MB? 1MB

  • Which Game Boy was the first video game to be played in space? Tetris

  • Which controversial musician provided uncredited music for 1994 Sega video game, Sonic 3? Michael Jackson, **Bonus points for the stages: Sonic’s Carnival Night Zone Act 1, IceCap Zone, ‘End Credits’**

Nippon Marathon Round

  • The scoring of Nippon Marathon was inspired by what 1991 NES Codemasters game? Micromachines

  • Diana Garnet, who sung the vocals for final stage Neō Jinkō (Hyperlove Racing), has also sung a song for what long running popular anime series? Naruto: Shippūden

  • What does RuPaul, Tom Selleck, Hideaki Kobayashi & the developer's dog, Buster all have in common? They were inspiration for some of the main characters

  • Where does Zenbei "XEN BAE" work? Maid Cafe

  • What does Nishibori regularly get mistaken for? Unicorn

I hope you found these useful, and at your next zoom quiz you'll be able to wow everyone with your amazing video game knowledge. You can do it! Become the Zoom Quiz Champion.

Stay safe and speak soon,

Amy & Andy


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