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Nippon Marathon OST now available on STEAM

Great news superfans!

The OST is now available to purchase directly through Steam. You can now purchase your favourite tracks from the Nippon Marathon and play them ANYWHERE!

So, what's your favourite song? Maybe it's Hyperlove Racing ft. Diana Garnet, that you can't get out of your head, or perhaps it's No Parking Wednesday 8-10AM Street Sweeping that gets you out of bed in the morning! You can purchase the soundtrack as a stand alone item in Steam, which is great if you own Nippon Marathon already, or alternatively, you can buy both the game and the soundtrack as a bundle, saving you 13%.

Now that's nothing to get your noodles in a twist for.

Don't forget you can always purchase the soundtrack from Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby or Google Play by following the links on our merch page.

In other news

In case you didn't get the memo, have you seen the teaser trailer for Onion Soup's new game, UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel, announced this week for Steam Early Access?

It features Nippon Marathon's very own hot-headed reporter, Wedy Jones, although you might not recognize her.

Take control of a hot-headed reporter named UEDI (pronounced ‘Weddy’), as she infiltrates a world placed on interplanetary lockdown by its ruling dictator Hazuki.

Hunting for both an estranged friend and the inside-story on Hazuki's nefarious plans, which are locked deep within his impenetrable citadel, UEDI is thrown into a war.

Her only hope for survival is to join the rebellion.

UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel is available now to wishlist on Steam.

Go onnnn. You know you want to.

As always, follow our social media and join the Discord for the latest updates.

Chow for now.

Amy & Andy


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