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Andy Madin

Director, Development

Ditched a university job to follow his indie game development dream. Loves gaming both old a new, has about 30 game designs in his head waiting to be made (you know you want to play 'Ramen Story: The Life of a Noodle' A branching visual novel delving deep into the cup-noodle industry. Digs Led Zeppelin. Rarely sleeps.

Amy Madin

Director, Community Manager

Eco-Warrior. Has been raising Pokemon since she was 10 years old. Is really a cat in disguise. Was once a barista, now spends time making GIFs and managing social media. Has a love/hate relationship with photoshop. Can still make a decent Soy Latte. 



He sits beside Andy and Amy and helps them work by alerting them to enemies. Well, he thinks they're enemies but they're usually the landlord or the postman. So we're not sure how much he really helps to be honest.



Thinks she's a piranha plant. 

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