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Action Packed UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel Demo Crash Lands onto Steam Today

Hello everyone!

We are happy announce that a time limited demo of UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel will be playable during the Summer edition of the Steam Game Festival (16 June 2020 - 22 June 2020).

In UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel players will shoot and loot their way through a huge open world ARPG featuring a colourful 80's anime aesthetic and soundtrack. The good news is that you will get a 20+ minute taste of what's to come in this awesome time-limited demo!

Demo Features:

  • Meet the female-protagonist as she crashes onto a mysterious land.

  • Begin to unravel the mysteries of the evil dictator HAZUKI.

  • Engage in real-time combat with enemies that react tactically to your actions.

  • Loot and scavenge for supplies and spare parts to top up ammo and fix machines.

Dev Live Stream and Discord Q&A:

To celebrate this playable slice of UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel, we'll also be inviting you to join our Dev Live Stream and Discord Q&A on June 20 at 4pm (BST)/ 8am (PDT)/ 11am (EDT), where future features will be revealed including player customisation, story characters and drivable vehicles.

Set a reminder here:

We encourage you to set a reminder for the Dev Live Stream/Discord Q&A and help support UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel by adding the game to your Steam Wishlist via the Steam store page:

We really hope you enjoy the demo and see you at the livestream!

Speak soon,

Amy & Andy


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