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Introducing UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel & DevBlog

Hello everyone,

Hope you're keeping safe during this unnerving time.

So hopefully you've seen our teaser trailer for our new title, UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel. If not, then catch the trailer below.

English Trailer:

Japanese Trailer:

Planned Release Date:

We are aiming to release UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel on Steam Early Access, Q1 2021.

Introducing UEDI:

Take control of hot-heated reporter UEDI (pronounced 'Weddy'), as she enters a world shrouded in mystery looking to both find an estranged friend and also the perfect story.

Not everything is as it seems on Hazuki's World; the planet has been forced into interplanetary lockdown by ruling dictator Hazuki.

Playing as As UEDI you'll delve deeper into the true state of Hazuki's World and become entangled in war. Your only hope is to join the rebellion and don the multipurpose NanoSuit in order to fight the enemy forces.

That's not all! Roam the beautiful open world, loot rations, craft supplies, fight mech, repair vehicles and delve deep into the fractured history of Hazuki's World.


  • Explore explore approximately 15 miles² (39 km²) of hand-crafted anime-styled open-world.

  • Suit-up and boot-up UEDI’s NanoSuit, UEDI's unique weapon into defeating Hazuki.

  • Unlock the PowerSuit, AirSuit and CommandSuit modes to access new abilities.

  • Unlock new abilities, suits and weapons then overclock them to unleash their true power.

  • Loot rations and craft supplies to top up your health, electrolytes and NanoSuit power.

  • Experience love, loss, growth and sacrifice delivered through a motion-captured story.

  • Journey through UEDI’s emotional quest to unravel the mysteries of Hazuki’s World

  • Engage in real-time combat with enemies that react tactically to your actions

  • Spend more time in game and less time in menus by seamlessly switching between NanoSuit presets for the perfect combination of tech for any situation.

  • Plunder abandoned structures, fend off rogue mechanical hordes, fix and maintain vehicles and craft items in a bid for survival.

  • Enter labyrinthine facilities, solve puzzles and battle bosses to emerge more powerful than before.

  • Photograph UEDI in key locations and document the realities of Hazuki’s World for her truth-telling blog in a bid to reveal all.

  • Unlock customisation to give UEDI an unique look. We all like to look good while kicking some mechanical ass, right?

What's to come:

We're really excited to share our development with you. In a series of blogs throughout development, we will be giving insider details regarding all aspects of development; from music composition to UEDI's personality.

Here is a taster of things we'll soon be blogging about:

  • Introducing UEDI

  • Introducing the main characters

  • Why Steam Early Access?

  • What is the NanoSuit?

  • Setting the scene with the OST/voiceover

  • How we use Motion Capture

  • How our Discord Community can contribute to development

  • Plus a lot more!

Remember to follow our social media channels to stay tuned and follow the development of UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel with us.

So that's all for now.

Remember to stay indoors and take some time out for yourself, like read a book or play a game.

Amy & Andy.

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