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Meet the characters, old and new!

Campaign update:

Whoa we have currently raised 28% of our overall goal, that’s amazing!  

We cannot believe the support we have received so far for our Kickstarter Campaign, but keep going! 

We still need your help to reach our funding goal. Once we reach our goal we can start talking about the juicy stretch goals we have planned.

Be A Character Reward -  back by popular demand!

We have received many requests for an increase in the limit on Be A Character. We originally limited this to 2 only but after consideration we are adding an extra 1 today and we may add more as the campaign progresses.

Imagine having your own character racing side by side with Snuguru Maestro and the gang!

Snuguru's Mystery Quest

You may have seen on a previous update that yesterday's update that Snuguru has unlocked NEW ITEM: FRENCH BREAD from Chest 2. Hurray!

Snuguru needs 43RTs to open chest 3.

What might it contain? Only you can help, by retweeting this tweet.

Meet the contestants

We all can agree that the original Nippon Marathon character models were a little… erm questionable. In Nippon Marathon 2 they're getting a much needed upgrade.

We wanted the characters to look as kawaii as we feel they are! Upgraded models also allow us to show off more of their personalities, with finer details being included in the design.

The models are also more expressive, using dozens of blendshapes to achieve quality facial expressions. The result? Snuguru’s tongue moves as he pants and his ears and tongue blow back in the wind, Darwin can now look as smug as a bug.

With all these upgrades those freeze frame screenshots are sure to be even more hilarious than before!

To see the full update including extra details about each characters new B-MOVE, then follow this link to our Kickstarter Campaign.

Stay tuned for more updates where we show off more new contestants as well as brand new courses!

Amy & Andy.











スヌグルがチェスト2のフランスパンのロックを解除したのを見たことがあるかもしれません。 万歳!











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