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Nippon Marathon 2 Coming to Kickstarter 29th September!

Hello everyone!

The launch of the Nippon Marathon 2 Kickstarter Campaign has been announced as 29th September 2020!

That's only 8 days away!

Here are three reasons to get excited:

  1. Which stretch goals will be included? Online? Story Mode? You'll have to wait and see...

  2. We have a range of EXCLUSIVE merchandise that are only available during the campaign, do I smell a Kickstarter Limited Edition Physical?

  3. Just what will be included in Nippon Marathon 2? Perhaps more silly physics...

Want to be one of the first people to support the Kickstarter? Then sign up for updates here:





  1. どのストレッチゴールが含まれますか? オンライン? ストーリーモード? あなたは待って見なければならないでしょう...

  2. キャンペーン期間中にのみ入手可能な限定商品がたくさんあります。キックスターター 限定版フィジカルの匂いはしますか?

  3. ニッポンマラソン2 には何が含まれるのですか? おそらくもっとばかげた物理学...

最初にサポートしたいですか? 今ウィッシュリスト:

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