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Onion Soup Interactive supporting Games For Carers Initiative

Hello everyone,

Hope you're staying safe and not succumb to the boredom which is social isolation.

If you've not heard the news, on Wednesday the UK games industry launched a new initiative, Games For Carers, which thanks all NHS staff for their hard work and sacrifice, by giving them a free game (including Nippon Marathon).

NHS staff will be able to claim their free game or subscription quickly and securely by visiting the dedicated Games For Carers website, and entering their NHS email address.

If the NHS staff member is not a gamer, then they are encouraged to share the game they receive with family members and loved ones.

More than 85,000 free games across a wide range of genres, age ratings and platforms will be available to download. There are also game subscription service codes available for those who want to access services with multiple games over a period of months.

There are some big names giving away games to NHS staff, such as EA, Codemasters, Konami, Sega, Xbox and Team 17.

Although we are only a small indie team, we wanted to say thanks and were very happy to be approached to be a part of the initiative. We are truly grateful to be a part of this and would like to take the time once again to thank the NHS (and healthcare workers worldwide) for all of their hard work.

Remember to share this with any NHS staff member who you think would be interested!

That's all for now,

Amy & Andy


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