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Save 67% on Nippon Marathon on Xbox One


Hope you're staying safe!

Are you struggling to find things to do in lockdown? You've cleaned the house, organised your cans of food by alphabetical order, or perhaps you've done this...

Are you an Xbox player looking for something new to pass the time? Then do I have great news for you...

Nippon Marathon is part of the ID@Xbox Game Fest Sale, meaning you can buy the game with a huge saving of 67%.

nippon marathon id@xbox sale save 67%

That means Nippon Marathon is currently only £3.95/ $4.94/ ¥577.

Now that's a lot of nippon for not a lot of money.

Visit the store now:


Hurry as the promotion ends on 25th May.

Now if you're not an Xbox player, then remember that Nippon Marathon is also available to purchase on Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Steam.

So that's all for now folks, follow our website and our social media to hear exclusive updates about our new game, UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel, including updates regarding our Beta testing, that's currently going on behind closed doors! Exciting stuff!

Speak soon.



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