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The Art of Selfies - Nippon Marathon Top 10!

"No, no, no, no, YES!" That's the sound of a person trying to get that perfect shot of a blueberry muffin from above for the (Insta-)gram. You know what? We encourage this behavior! We've kinda always felt like that too. I have to cast my mind back quite far in order to recall specifics about Nippon Marathon development, some design decisions stand out more than others and one of those was the snapshot that the victor sometimes receives.

Nippon Marathon Snapshot - You are Excellent

Here it is, the momentary bit of downtime, your opportunity to take a swig of your drink or scratch your nose, or so you think. I decided to hijack that moment where the two remaining contestants come up for air for the snapshot. A quick scan through the Steam Community screenshots demonstrates how shareable these became. They give you a brief glimpse of the last moment of gameplay from an angle you rarely see, some make your look triumphant and glorious like Snuguru here...

Screenshot taken by Ephourita | Sam, Steam

... while others show off the game's erm, quirkier side such as this one featuring Superfan, a shiba inu and a cloud of dust that happens to have appeared in a rather unfortunate position:

Screenshot taken by MAJA™臉問R罵龍逼哩咖熬, Steam

Either way, they were intended to give the player a little surprise and the opportunity to take a screenshot and keep it or share it with others, this is a fun mechanic and is also great for us -indie devs rely on fans sharing the things they like, so please don't hesitate to share screenshots and video captures of your favourite games!

To celebrate, we've collated a top ten of our favourites from our Nippon Marathon community

Community Screenshots Top 10

wedy jones has been unlocked in the nippon marathon
A Wild Shiny Wedy Jones appeared. Screenshot taken by Bonta Kun, Twitter
zenbei is shaken by an earthquake in the nippon marathon
Guys, did you feel that? It felt like the Earth was shaking. Screenshot taken by ゲストCもち, Discord
zenbei stuck in a door in nippon marathon
Peek-a-boo, I can see you, Screenshot taken by ToastrDog, Discord
nishibori diving out of the way of shiba inu nippon marathon
I can't save you, you must save yourself. Screenshot taken by Sourceka2, Steam
snuguru maestro is crouching nippon marathon
Crouching Tiger Hidden Snuguru, Screenshot taken by Jarokami, Steam
snuguru maestro is obstructed by a post in nippon marathon
No one can see me here. Screenshot taken by Jacob Shaw, Twitter
snuguru being photobombed by a fan in nippon marathon
The perfect photobomb doesn't exist, hold my drink... Screenshot taken by Nishinotatami, Twitter
I want to break freeeeee, Screenshot taken by DannyJ, Discord
zenbei cornered by a shiab inu in nippon marathon
No one puts Zenbei in the corner, well, apart from this Shiba Inu
nippon marathon physics are silly
Meet Felix, stylish, fashionable, and able to disdain the law of Quantum Mechanics, Screenshot taken by Soft and Wet JC, Discord

UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel Screeenshot Feature

We love seeing you share screenshots with the community, which is why we feel that it is an important feature to keep for our upcoming title.

The photo mode in UEDI will be more elaborate than the Nippon Marathon photo mode, allowing the player the ability more options and flexibility in producing their screenshot.

This will involve the ability to change costumes, hair and pose. The varying environments and changing time of day will also allow for more unique screenshots to be taken.

We hope that you continue to share your Nippon Marathon screenshots and look forward to seeing your UEDI screenshots.

Have a screenshot to share! Get in touch, we'd love to see them!

You can get in touch by following the links in our contact page.

That's all for now!

Amy & Andy


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