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The Gift No One Asked For

Hello all!

Hope you're staying safe in this uncertain time we're currently living through.

One thing that's certainly keeping me (and the rest of the world) going is Animal Crossing.

Its cuteness and simple island dwelling life is the break our mental health is desperately craving.

(I'll ignore the scary similarity between Tom Nook & Boris Johnson, especially with both liking to dish out debt and daily press conferences.)

One of the features of Animal Crossing is the custom design feature; allowing you to design your own clothes, art, and even wallpaper.

If you have Nintendo Switch Online, then there's even an option to import other people's designs via NookLink QR Codes.

Here at Onion Soup Interactive, we know what you guys want.


We even included one for our new title, UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel.

To add them to your Animal Crossing Island, you'll need to set up NookLink in the title menu settings & link your Nintendo Switch Online App to your game.

Now get decorating... The Haus of Zenbei awaits...

Speak soon!

Amy & Andy


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