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「ロケテのお知らせ」ニッポンマラソン ターボ (Updated Nippon Marathon Turbo Location Testing Now Live in Tokyo)



4PのPTレースゲーム 【ニッポンマラソン ターボ】

ロケテ日時 21日(金)から27日(木)まで

場所: WGC 東京都立川市羽衣町2-4-13 (GoogleMaps)


訪問する場合はTwitter @OnionSoupLtdで私たちにタグを付けてください



Hello everyone!

Another test of Nippon Marathon Turbo has been revealed in Tokyo.

This edition includes bug fixes with scoring and also an "Ultra Route Mode"

The location test is situated in the World Game Circus Arcade, situated in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

Date available: 21st - 27th August.

Location Address: Japan, 〒190-0021 Tokyo, Tachikawa, Hagoromocho, 2 Chome−4−13 羽衣長田ビル101(Open in GoogleMaps)

Please tag us @OnionSoupLtd if you visit!


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