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For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our  Google Drive Folder 


Press A For Achievements is a minigame collection where players earn achievements, coins and gifts by simply pressing A.

Players compete against the clock through as many stages as they can before their lives run out.


Unlockable Mod Stones act as buffs/debuffs which make each run through different, some Mod Stones add extra lives, others affect the combo multiplier or the game speed. A career screen tracks players’ high scores, medals and achievement progress for each stage and the leaderboard shows how well the player has done compared to the whole world or their Steam friends.

Coins are littered throughout the stages which can be used to purchase customisation items and also hints and tips from other players. These tips might be useful, or they may just be for trolling, either way they lead players to experiment in different ways to approach the stages. XP progression adds a further dynamic to the game which comes with its own set of unlockable rewards.


  • At least 50 stages to master, with each stage full of references, homages, ridiculous humour

  • At least 50 achievements to find hidden throughout the game

  • Collect medals for each stage and track these along with your Personal Best in the career screen

  • Use your Mod Stones to mix up the rules of the game and keep it interesting

  • Steam leaderboard integration lets players compare their scores with the world or their Steam friends

  • Character profiles and Mod Stones are displayed alongside the leaderboard score so players can compare in more detail

  • Get new profile items from gift bags earned from leveling up or purchase items from the store using coins earned in game

  • A dynamic soundtrack that shifts in genre to match the stages and tempo of the game



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For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our  Google Drive Folder 


Key Art​

For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our  Google Drive Folder


About Onion Soup Interactive


Onion Soup Interactive are the nomad husband and wife team with no fixed abode! With help from their Jack Russell, Snuguru and their Chihuahua, Mocha, the couple work hard to cook up a different broth of video game served hot from the indie scene. Andy Madin is the sole developer, Amy Madin is the community manager and artist. 

With Asian culture and games being a huge part of their lives, it's no wonder that Onion Soup Interactive infuses their titles with the umami flavour of Japanese awesomeness.

Their love of adventure and pushing boundaries is what makes them tick and it’s why they want to create unique experiences and everyone is welcome to join them for the ride. 


Press A For Achievements Credits

Andy Madin

Creative Director, Game Designer, Producer, Writer, Onion Soup Interactive

Amy Madin

Creative Director, Producer Marketing, Costume Design, Researcher, Onion Soup Interactive


Dog, Onion Soup Interactive


Dog, Onion Soup Interactive

Robert Ruby

Composer, Musician, Robert Ruby Music