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Onion Soup Interactive

London, United Kingdom

Release Date

December 17th 2018





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For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our Google Drive Folder


San, Ni, Ichi… Hajime! Grab your running shoes and your cyclist repellent as the Nippon Marathon is here.


Enter the only marathon that simulates Japan while stimulating the senses - a raucous ragdoll party multiplayer game where just about anything can happen. Jump over barrels, swerve sweeping monks, side-step steamy monkeys, not to mention those naughty Shiba Inu! Don’t forget to pick up fruit along the way to hurl at your friends.


Choose from a cast of crazy characters including lobster-man J DARWIN, sea-life fanatic Elizabeth Nishibori, Zenbei the 'Old Uncle Sailor' and the furry faced Snuguru Maestro. Plus, unlock loads more.


  • Competitive Couch Multiplayer - challenge your friends to the only marathon worth entering. 

  • No previous running experience is required; perfect for both your athletic and couch-dwelling friends to enjoy.

  • Feel the ferocious fury of the AI - Solo Play is supported.

  • Be prepared for physics madness as you dodge, duck, dip and dive to avoid the crazy obstacles the Nippon Marathon will quite literally throw your way.

  • There’s a wide variety of characters to choose from, including a character with the head of a dog, and not just any dog, our dog!

  • Become acquainted with Wedy Jones, self-proclaimed NNBC's Reporter of the Year, who is guaranteed to keep you on your toes whilst she speed interviews you mid-race.

  • Meet a range of supporting characters in Story Mode, whilst uncovering the dark truth surrounding the Nippon Marathon.

  • Keep your pennies in your wallet where they belong as you can earn Yen during races to spend on unlocking extra characters and modes.

  • No need to pack your bags and fly to Japan, as you can see all the famous sights here! It's also a perfect warm up for the Tokyo Olympics.

  • The marathon is four player, however up to eight players are supported in Party Game modes in a pass-the-pad format.

  • Always wanted to grab a shopping cart and go bowling? Now you can with "Go-Go-Trolley Bowling", show your friends who's the true "King-Pin".

  • Don't be the "L.O.B.S.T.E.R." of the group by falling at the first hurdle in the Ninja Warrior/Takeshi's Castle/MXC inspired obstacle course. Jack Cactus won't be impressed.

  • An awesome Original Soundtrack composed by Independent artists featuring Naruto Shippuden Theme Vocalist, Diana Garnet.! OMG!



Release Trailer

Diana Garnet Promotional Video



For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our Google Drive Folder

Versus Mode - Players are squashed by ro
Versus Mode - It_s like Supermarket Swee
Versus Mode - Players attempt to leap fr
Versus Mode - Nishibori wins a point!.pn
Story Mode - Nishibori makes a mission s
Go-Go Trolley Bowling Mode - Zenbei and
LOBSTER Mode - Your host, Jack Cactus!.p
LOBSTER Mode - Snuguru runs across a pre
Key Art

Key Art​

For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our Google Drive Folder

Main Characters.png

About Onion Soup Interactive

About Onion Soup Interactive

Onion Soup Interactive are the nomad husband and wife team with no fixed abode! With help from their Jack Russell, Snuguru, the couple work hard to cook up a different broth of video game served hot from the indie scene. Andy Madin is the sole developer, Amy Madin is the community manager and costume designer. 

With Asian culture and games being a huge part of their lives, it's no wonder that Onion Soup Interactive infuses their titles with the umami flavour of Japanese awesomeness.

Their love of adventure and pushing boundaries is what makes them tick and it’s why they want to create unique experiences and everyone is welcome to join them for the ride. 

Credits and Contact

Nippon Marathon Credits

Andy Madin

Creative Director, Game Designer, Producer, Writer, Onion Soup Interactive

Amy Madin

Creative Director, Producer Marketing, Costume Design, Researcher, Onion Soup Interactive


Dog. Master of Ceremonies, Onion Soup Interactive

Robert Ruby

Composer, Musician, Robert Ruby Music


To see the full credits, please click here.

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