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Course 8 and Project Update!

Project Update

As you can probably tell, it's unlikely that Nippon Marathon 2 will hit its minimum funding target.

We're upset with how the Kickstarter has gone, and have spent numerous hours trying to turn it around with no success.

A lot of you have been asking about the future of Nippon Marathon 2 when the campaign ends, and at the minute we don't have a definite answer for you. 

We would love to continue development of Nippon Marathon 2, but we always said we wouldn't continue without financial support for the game. The original Nippon Marathon was a huge challenge for us (well, Andy) to take on, and we definitely bit off more than we could chew. Development at the end was a struggle and well, lets just say the crunch was real. We really needed an extra 6+ months of dev to fix bugs and tidying, however our financial situation didn't allow that. Even after selling our house, we still couldn't afford to spend the extra time needed in dev. 

So with Nippon Marathon 2, we have learnt from past mistakes and we are the first to admit that not only do we need to outsource help (such as programmer), we need financial support so that we can develop Nippon Marathon 2 without ever feeling the crunch again. 

So with that said, we'll look at funding opportunities for Nippon Marathon 2 and go from there. 

We really really want to make Nippon Marathon 2 a reality, and we are very passionate about the project, but we have to be sensible and not start development of a game that we know we cannot finish alone.

Sorry that it's not the news you wanted to hear. 

But on a nicer note, the results for course 8 are in!

Course 8 Results

You maybe wondering why we continued to do this vote when it looks like the campaign will not be successful. Well as we said above, we want to develop Nippon Marathon 2, and the kickstarter campaign being unsuccessful does not mean the end of Nippon Marathon 2, so we decided to keep the vote open for course 8 to let you, the fans decide. 

The winner is Jeju Island. What a great ending to a world tour; you start on the bustling streets of London and finish in the beautiful haven that is Jeju Island. 

Thank You

Lastly we want to thank you all for supporting the campaign. Although we have not reached our goal, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support. 

We hope that you enjoyed seeing what's in store for Nippon Marathon 2, and sharing your ideas on social media with us.

At the end of the campaign we'll release further ways you can support us and Nippon Marathon 2.

So that's it for now,

Amy & Andy


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