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Patch Notes for Update V1.14

Hi everyone,

Firstly we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who's brought, played and wishlist SUPER 56. It means so much to us for you to have played it and the reception we have received has been so positive we cannot thank you all enough for the support. If you haven't already, if you could leave a review on our Steam page that would help us immensely gain more visibility on the Steam Store.

Unfortunately there has been some bugs found after launch, but rest assured we are working hard to fix them. We have released an update which fixes some of the bugs that have arose post launch.

Combined in the latest update are versions 1.13 and 1.14. Patch notes below:

V1.13 patch notes:


- Act Of Kindness achievement now works (unlocks if you have 300 coins or more)

- Players getting B5 achievement for the first time should now be given the correct achievement (instead of Time Lord)

- Players who are already at Rank B Level 6 prior to this update will be given B5 achievement automatically


- Added an extra 5 seconds to the 'Pay Attention' game, now it should always display at least one 'PRESS' instruction

- On 'Bounce' the stop can now be skipped a maximum of 20 times to stop the player

from running out of time and failing and from gaining too many points on this stage


- Sound mixer properly set in the following stages: Fuel the Car, Feed the Baby, Tennis,



- Best player in world is now being pulled from loc sheet (awaiting translations to add into loc sheet)

- Stage score screen TOTAL and STAGE, Giftbag UI Back button, Giftbag duplicate label now properly localised

- RANK and HISCORE on new game config page is now localised when player is offline

- Game control tip at the bottom of the screen switching back to English now fixed

V1.14 patch notes:

- Mapped audio correctly on intro, skijump stage, golf stage, woof, only shoot bad guys, eat 20 apples, look at camera,

- Fixed the Eagle Eye Cherub achievement

- Made the GiftBag contents easier to see by changing the background

- Fixed: Sometimes after viewing Daily Challenge scores the next standard run would incorrectly save the score to the Daily Challenge leaderboard

More fixes to come, please leave any bug reports in the discussion forum on Steam or through our Discord channel.

Thanks again for your continued support

Andy & Amy

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