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The Best Fitness Nintendo Switch Games to Exercise during Lockdown

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping safe whilst adapting to this new way of living. Life is odd right now isn't it?

Not being able to leave the house, queuing to get into stores, staying at least 2m away from people.

Then there's being stuck indoors all day, working from home. I can't help but feel like this at times:

And I know I'm not the only one. Are you struggling to work from home? If the answer is yes, then check out my previous blog post, which explains my 5 best tips to increase productivity and work from home.

But let's remember, although it's a strange feeling, we need to do this to protect the vulnerable and the health services.

Now that we've covered that, let's talk video games.

The Best Games to Exercise Indoors

We all know that you have to stay active during this time, but being trapped indoors doesn't mean you can't exercise. The video games industry, and in particular, Nintendo, has you covered.

Here are my recommendations to keep you moving during the lockdown:

1. Ring Fit Adventure

Ok, so you've probably heard of this one. But what makes it different?

Using two new switch accessories, the Ring-Con & Leg Strap, exercise your way through a fantasy world, saving the villagers from the evil bodybuilding, and ever so cocky dragon, Dragaux.

The premise of Ring Fit is simple. To move around the level, you need to jog. To collect items, you need to pull the Ring-Con. To fight enemies, you need to exercise!

It's a very clever way to incorporate exercise routines into video games. You don't feel like you're exercising. Very sneaky, Nintendo.

There's a variety of content, so getting bored isn't really an option. As well as story mode, there are plenty of mini games to keep you entertained, each targeting different muscle groups. You can even create your own routines in custom mode; so just want to practice some Yoga today? No problem. The custom mode has you covered.

Since the latest update, they've added extra features; from audio languages (yay to finally being able to play in Japanese), to rhythm games! My favourite is the Wii Fit Medley.

Now since lockdown, Ring Fit Adventure seems to have sold out everywhere. But if you manage to find a copy, I highly recommend it. We got our copy for Christmas and I use it everyday. It really helps my mental health and prepares me for the day. It even has an alarm feature, so there is no excuse not to exercise!

View on the Nintendo Switch Store

2. Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing was the first fitness game to be released on Nintendo Switch, and if this is the future of fitness games on the switch, then we are in for a treat.

When we were in Japan awaiting our VISAs (which we never received btw - but that's another story), this was a L I F E S A V E R .

Now unlike Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing only requires your Joy-Cons to work out. It's also multiplayer. Hurrah.

Combining rhythm games and Boxing, you have fun whilst performing boxing workouts to your favourite pop music, from Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Avril Lavigne and more.

Incase the idea of boxing away to Justin Bieber brings tears to your eyes, don't fret, you can banish songs from your playlist. Phew.

Now this looks easy, but let me tell you it isn't. Maybe it's because I have the rhythm of a slug, but this workout will challenge your coordination, pacing and general fitness skills. This game gets you moving. Some of the combinations you perform are challenging, and I may never become a boxing champion, but who cares, as long as you're exercising and having fun, that's all that matters, right?

There's currently a free demo available, so give it a go and make your own mind up!

View on the Nintendo Switch Store

3. Yoga Master

Ok so a quick disclaimer, I haven't played this, I came across it whilst browsing games on the Switch Store, but it's something I'd like to try.

Using your Joy-Cons and your mentor, you'll be guided through 150 poses (not all at once) to give you a yoga routine to be proud of.

Clear your mind and improve your posture whilst playing this game. Your mental health will thank you.

View on the Nintendo Switch Store

4. Just Dance

Who else remembers this from the Nintendo Wii? I played this a lot on Wii, but since my Wii went to console heaven, I haven't played a Just Dance game again. Is this the time to pick this back up again?

Just Dance is 10 years old, and is celebrating 10 years of music, bringing people together, and dancing!

Some familiar modes have made a return; including Kids Mode, a child friendly mode, Sweat Mode, for those serious workouts, and co-op mode. There's also a new mode, All-Stars Mode, which celebrates the best music of the decade.

With every purchase of the game, you get one months free access to the Just Dance Unlimited Catalogue. Remember the good ol' times and play over 500+ songs from the Just Dance back catalogue.

Now that's a lot of songs!

I am tempted to buy this, although remember my rhythm and coordination like a slug? Yeah...

View on the Nintendo Switch Store

So there you have it, these are my top fitness games to play in isolation for the Nintendo Switch. Have you played any of them? Please let us know and share your experience.

Wait, there's one more

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon across Japan? Exercise those finger joints whilst playing Nippon Marathon, which is currently 55% off on Nintendo Switch.

Ok, so technically it's not a fitness game, but won't you feel great knowing that you defeated Handsome Hazuki and became champion of the Nippon Marathon?

Plus you'll get to see more of Japan than ever before; taking in the local beauty sites, and even meeting local characters, like Jack Cactus, what even is he?!?!?

Remember Nippon Marathon supports solo play as well as co-op, so grab your cat and have a game!

Nippon Marathon is currently on sale on Nintendo Switch until April 23rd.

View on the Nintendo Switch Store

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Remember, stay safe and thanks for reading.

Amy & Andy

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