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WarioWare-Like Minigame Collection SUPER 56 Receives Huge Multiplayer Update

Hey everyone 👋

Get ready to dive into the chaos with your friends as couch multiplayer arrives to SUPER 56, turning your gaming sessions into crazy battles filled with laughter, competition, and... John Zombie?

Find out the deets regarding SUPER 56's multiplayer update. We made a fun trailer to commemorate this occasion.

📢 Check out the Multiplayer Announcement Trailer

SUPER 56 Multiplayer Update Features:

  • 2 to 8 players for pass-the-controller play,

  • each rapid-fire minigame demands only one button press.

  • Adjust game rules like speed, stage types, and round counts to tailor your multiplayer experience

  • Steam’s Remote Play Together supported

Other updates:

In case you missed it, SUPER 56 boasts a buffet of new content, including Trials for added challenge, gameplay improvements, and the innovative mic mode, letting players control the game with their voice input. We've also updated the demo to reflect stage updates.

Here's a video introducing the unique features of Mic Mode 📢

Ready to dive in? Grab your copy of SUPER 56 on Steam for just $6.99 and experience the ultimate party gaming sensation!

🔗 Get SUPER 56 on Steam: Purchase Now!

Full Game Features:

  • 56 fast-paced games full of references and humor

  • A wide range of genres from karting to dating sims

  • Simple one-button controls for accessibility

  • New mic mode for voice control

  • Daily Challenges and leaderboards for competitive play

  • Local multiplayer for 2-8 players

  • Fully customizable characters and achievements

  • Dynamic soundtrack to match the game's tempo


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