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Hey HUMANS! It's time to check out the new features in our latest SUPER 56 update which is available now:

Mic Control (experimental)

Now you can control the whole game using your microphone input, we find this works best with a head-set style mic so that other sounds don't interfere with your game. We had a real fun time playing SUPER 56 using guitars, dog toys and other random items, it's a total blast!

Trial Mode - Clean the Whole House

We've added the first Trial to the game, in this trial you need to clean the whole house using the cat-vacuum. Each new trial we add will come with its own leaderboard too so please look forward to them. Yeah!

New Achievements

There are two new achievements, both are unlocked via the new Clean the House Trial. One is secret and the other can be unlocked by completing the trial in under 4 minutes.

There is also a new Achievements table, so you can see the full list of achievements you've unlocked, and need to unlock!

Leaderboard Changes

You'll now see everyone's amusing phrases on their leaderboard entries, I spend too much time looking at these.


Various UI and localisation improvements (including fixing the Simplified Chinese credits).

We've also replaced the image of our dear Reiwa man with a delightful 3D model of someone who looks scarily similar, but is.definitely.not.him.... ok?

Future Development:

We're currently splitting our time between adding new content and preparing the game for Nintendo Switch porting. We really hope that SUPER 56 will gain some much needed visibility by being available on Switch and if that is the case it will enable us to bring even more updates to the Steam version.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Andy & Amy


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