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Onion Soup Interactive

London, United Kingdom

Release Date

Q4 2022





Nintendo Switch


Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Start: 29th September 2020

Kickstarter End: 29th October 2020

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For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our Google Drive Folder


San, ni, ichi, Hajime! The original game-show-themed extravaganza returns! Nippon Marathon 2 is built from the ground up with all new physics based chaos, beautiful new character models and stretch goals including (but not limited to) online mode! 

Tour the world as DARWIN, Nishibori, Zenbei and Snuguru or choose one of the totally ridiculous new contestants.
Try to finish in first place in a marathon spanning the globe. Hang onto your rival's lobster tail using new abilities such as grip or send them flying into a pile of shiba-inu using new weapons such as the star fruit.

Heck, you can even finish them off with the all new character-specific B-MOVES!

View the world through the lens of a Japanese game-show! Keep your eyes peeled and your lobster-onesie on standby - so many surprises await you!

You've raced across Japan, now take on the world - This is Nippon Marathon 2 - the Brave World Tour!


  • No minimum fitness test required, challenge your friends whilst sitting in the comfort of your living room to a race like no other.

  • Friends in quarantine? No problem, challenge the ferocious AI and meditate patiently waiting for the day you can invite your friends around for a socially distanced game.

  • A cast of crazy characters (old and new) are waiting for you at the starting line, just remember Nishibori is not a unicorn. She's a narwhal. Got it? good.

  • Choose your character wisely as their specific stats may make or break a round.

  • Introducing new character specific B-MOVES such as Lord Darwin's Ultra Grip! He's quite literally unshakeable. 

  • Brush off that ol' passport whilst you jet set around the world including London, the USA, France and more!

  • New obstacles are waiting to be stumbled over, so get those knee pads on and prepare to dodge even weirder obstacles than before, like the Queen of England?!?!?

  • Silly physics returns with vengeance! New interactions such as deep mud wading, stagger recovery, grabbing and swinging are waiting for you to live out your best Takeshi's Castles (MXC) Life. 

  • All new backstories including how Snuguru Maestro become Elon Mus--- wait, wha

  • Minigames and Party Games return! You know what that means? IT'S WEDY JONES!

  • Test your knowledge of equivalent exchange in improved popularity ranking TOUKA KOUKAN.

  • An amazing sound track is back to soothe your ears!

  • Do you dream of playing as a character with a melon for a head? Now you can with character creator mode. 

  • Microtransactions are a giant NO-NO here in Nippon Marathon 2. You're welcome.

  • Improved graphics and less bugs. This time it's serious.



Kickstarter Launch Video

Online Mode and PS4 Support Announced for Nippon Marathon 2
Uncle Sailor "Hideaki Kobayashi" Joins Nippon Marathon 2 


For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our Google Drive Folder

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Key Art

Key Art​

For all key art variations and full resolution images, please visit our Google Drive Folder

nm2 logo.png

About Onion Soup Interactive

About Onion Soup Interactive

Onion Soup Interactive are the nomad husband and wife team with no fixed abode! With help from their Jack Russell, Snuguru, the couple work hard to cook up a different broth of video game served hot from the indie scene. Andy Madin is the sole developer, Amy Madin is the community manager and costume designer. 

With Asian culture and games being a huge part of their lives, it's no wonder that Onion Soup Interactive infuses their titles with the umami flavour of Japanese awesomeness.

Their love of adventure and pushing boundaries is what makes them tick and it’s why they want to create unique experiences and everyone is welcome to join them for the ride. 

Credits and Contact

Nippon Marathon Credits

Andy Madin

Creative Director, Game Designer, Producer, Writer, Onion Soup Interactive

Amy Madin

Creative Director, Producer Marketing, Costume Design, Researcher, Onion Soup Interactive


Dog. Master of Ceremonies, Onion Soup Interactive

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