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First Celebrity Announcement, Campaign Update, and our very first Competition

Hello everyone

Nippon Marathon Celebrity Announcement

As you might have seen in our campaign, we are introducing a new feature; "Celebrity Special Progress Report". In this feature our very own Abe Watanabe is hosting a chat show with some famous faces. These celebrities will give out challenges before the race and can award bonuses or penalties to players.

So with that being said, we are incredibly excited to announce our first celebrity,

Hideaki Kobayashi, or Uncle Sailor, is joining the Nippon Marathon family.

To learn more, and learn how YOU can join the team of celebrity guests, then read the full update on our Kickstarter Campaign Page.

A Thank You From The Devs

As always we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. We are already at 45% and hope you help us reach 50% in the next couple of days.

We have recorded a video to say thank you as well as introduce you to our competition. 

Remember you must be a backer to be entered automatically into this competition.

Gain Exclusive Rewards with BackerClub

We have partnered with BlackerClub, a Kickstarter Partner where you receive an exclusive bonus if you pledge through their website. 

Through BackerClub, receive a free signed copy of Nippon Marathon 1 when you spend more than $99 (free worldwide shipping). Although we have the signed NM1 game as a competition, if you want to guarantee your copy, then make a pledge through BackerClub.

Add-ons Update

As some of you have noticed, we've had a few issues with add-ons, where physical add-ons were not being displayed when a digital only reward was chosen. We have now fixed this, so you should see the add-ons for the posters, OST & T-shirt when you chose a digital only reward. You may notice that the price has changed, due to how Kickstarter processes physical and digital rewards, we have had to merge the postage costs into the add-on price, hence the slight increase in price. If you were able to chose a physical add-on before today, then the price has not been changed. There has been no change to the digital add-ons. There has also been some issues with early bird backers who wanted to purchase the "Design a Placard" add-on. Some of you have been unable to amend your original pledge, as the early bird is no longer available. So if you want the placard add-on and you chose early-bird, then we are working on a work-around so that you can still purchase the add-on once the campaign ends. Again we may sound like a broken record but we really do appreciate everything you have done for us!

If your haven't pledged already, then please back our campaign:

Stay tuned for more updates, including the opportunity for you to choose the next course, where will they be going next???

Amy & Andy


























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