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We're saying goodbye to an old friend

Hey everyone,

So, last week we had to say goodbye to our awesome Master of Ceremonies, Buster.

a montage of pictures celebrating real life Snuguru Maestro, Buster

Buster wasn't just the big cheese at Onion Soup Interactive; he pretty much ran the show at home too; he kept us safe from the postman, chased squirrels out of the garden, barked at every noise (that one not so helpful), and made sure we actually left the house instead of working all day.

Buster was definitely a character.

You also actually may not know this – but Buster was the inspiration behind our very own Snuguru Maestro.

snuguru maestro's likes and dislikes, taken from nippon marathon

Just like Snuguru, Buster had a sense of smell that was good enough to decipher the location of business men and Kimonos, and would relax every evening listening to Beethoven. Oh, and we cannot forget his love for mysterious JOE (who is JOE?)

We're really going to miss Buster. There's a Jack Russell-shaped hole in our hearts now.

But it's cool knowing that Snuguru will carry on Buster's legacy in the Nippon Marathon. We hope Snuguru keeps rocking it in the Nippon Marathon and stays a fan favourite.

Anyway, we don't want to bring the mood down too much, let's celebrate Buster's life by checking out some awesome Nippon Marathon screenshots featuring Snuguru Maestro!

These were taken from the Steam community library, there was a lot to choose from, but here are our favourites

One things for sure, everyone loves Snuguru Maestro

Thanks again for your continued support in us and love for Nippon Marathon. Even though the game is six years old, it makes us really happy to see you are all still so passionate about the game ❤️

Thanks again,

Andy and Amy


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