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When in Rome, visit the VIDEO GAME LAB ROME to play SUPER56 and more

Hey everyone!

It's been a hot minute since our last update, but fear not – we've been grinding behind the scenes on SUPER56. Here's the lowdown from Onion Soup Interactive HQ (jump to TL;DR):


video game lab rome promotional image

We're bringing SUPER56 to the VIDEO GAMES LAB ROME, which runs between Jan 25-28, 2024. Play SUPER56 in Rome by swinging by the Games London Booth, and meet us along with four other cool Indie devs showcasing their awesome games.

The other devs are:

  • Innoloop - Rhythm Towers

  • Overworld Games Studio - EMITIME

  • Scribblescape/Queensguard - Shards Between Us

  • MilkBubblesGames - GladiEATers

If you happen to be nearby, come say hi, play SUPER56, and snag some sweet sticker swag! We love stickers ❤️


virtual indie booth by indiegameiac logo

If you're not in Rome but want a piece of the action, we've been chosen to be a part of 'IndieGameiac's Virtual Indie Booth'! Catch the stream live at 8 pm (GMT), where IndieGameiac will be showcasing our game and we'll be hanging out in the chat. Get your questions ready!

Link to IndieGameiac's Youtube:


super56 in game menu highlighting new multiplayer mode

Hold onto your hats – multiplayer mode is in the works! We heard your pleas and added local multiplayer to SUPER56. Currently in Beta testing, we're ironing out the kinks for a seamless experience. You can even sneak a peek at the 'BETA' branch on SUPER56 (no password needed). Stay tuned on Steam and our socials for the big reveal! We're currently working on a trailer that will blow your socks off!


minigame of character smashing a car with bunny jumping across screen (like street fighter)

We've been on a bug-squashing spree! Added some extra flair to the stages – more guidance, simplifying the more abstract levels, and sprinkling in some extra weirdness. Because who doesn't love a bit of organised chaos?

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and If you haven't already, please visit our Steam page to buy SUPER56:

Thanks again,

Amy & Andy


TL;DR: SUPER56 is being showcased at VIDEO GAMES LAB ROME. Join IndieGameiac's Virtual Indie Booth to watch them stream SUPER56 & join us in the chat. Working on local multiplayer mode, currently in Beta.

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