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Save up to 60% on Nippon Marathon, just in time for Christmas

Hey everyone!

Hope you're feeling as festive as we are; the Christmas Tree is up, the mulled wine is on the hob, and Snuguru is playing host in his Bow Tie.

Snuguru is ready for Christmas
Snuguru is ready for Christmas

But have you gotten all of your presents yet? No?! What are you doing!!? But don't fret, Nippon Marathon has gone into sale, meaning you can save up to a whopping 50% off. Great, right?

If you're not convinced to purchase Nippon Marathon, maybe these will tempt you:

1. There aren't any smelly Brussel Sprouts, only Mushrooms.

2. You can be competitive and beat your gamer-nephew without getting that disappointed look for your mom, as you won by pure luck, right?

3. You can pretend that you know exactly. what. you're. doing, whilst being chased by Shiba Inu and flying through the air using a pineapple.

Has that convinced you? Great!

Here are the details:

Don't play on those consoles or they're not in your region?

Stay tuned. Who knows what the Boxing Day sales will bring. Follow our Social Media to be the first to know when the sales go live!

That's everything for now, the mulled wine is burning!

Speak soon,

- Amy

*Edited: 20/12/19 - addition of Steam Sale was added*

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