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Get Your Jingle On in the Steam Winter Sale

Hello humans

Hope you're full of holiday cheer, now that the Steam Winter Sale is here!

gif of homer simpson drooling with text that reads, Steam Winter Sale

We're spreading the joy/ chaos with a 10% discount in the Steam Winter Sale. We know that the holidays are typically all about family, friends, and food, but the holidays are also about


Now a fast paced mini game collection may not be your typical choice for a holiday game, but we guarantee it'll be a great addition to your party game collection, and will leave Grandma asking

just what was in the gravy

We recently added some free content too, so here's a reminder of what was added:

Mic Control (Experimental)

Ever dreamt of yelling at your game and having it actually listen? Now's your chance! Mic Control lets you boss around SUPER 56 using your microphone – it's like having your own gaming genie. Grab a head-set style mic, maybe a Santa hat too, and let the mayhem commence.

Trial Mode - Clean the Whole House:

a cat sitting on a roomba whilst it is cleaning a house

Feeling the festive cleaning spirit? Try out the first Trial Mode – Clean the Whole House! Grab the cat-vacuum, channel your inner Mrs. Claus, and compete for cleaning glory. Each trial comes with its own leaderboard, turning tidying up into a festive competition. You might even discover the joy of cleaning... or not.

New Achievements, Secrets, and Surprises:

Unwrap two shiny new achievements tied to the Clean the House Trial. One's a secret – because who doesn't love a bit of mystery during the holidays? Check out the Achievements table to see what challenges await and flex your gaming muscles.

Leaderboard Shenanigans:

Laugh your way through the leaderboards as everyone's witty remarks make an appearance. We admit we spend too much time reading these gems, but it's the holidays – time for some good-natured chuckles!

Miscellaneous Awesomeness:

We've sprinkled in some UI magic and fixed up Simplified Chinese credits. Oh, and about our dear Reiwa man – he's taking a festive break and sent his doppelgänger to keep you company. Is it him? Is it not? The mystery thickens like eggnog.

Buy SUPER 56 in the Steam Winter Sale

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your controller, keyboard, drum kit, dog food, doorbell, or mouth, boot up SUPER 56, and make this holiday season the weirdest one yet. May your victories be sweet, your fails be hilarious, and your neighbours forgiving.

widget for super 56 game on steam, text reads, SUPER 56 challenges players to overcome 56 genre-bending mini-games with the press of a single button. Compete in daily challenges, earn achievements, and destroy high scores. Outlandish chaos awaits you in Hell!

Buy SUPER 56 on Steam today (Sale ends January 4th)

Happy holidays and get playing SUPER 56!


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