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We're heading to Osaka! Plus courses 5, 6 & 7 revealed [大阪へ向かう! プラス5,6,7コース公開]

The votes are in!

Lots of you voted, and we can happily announce that OSAKA will be the next destination for Nippon Marathon 2.

Let us introduce you to "Troublesome Tenshu Trials".

Expect a race around the “Nation's Kitchen”, with the smells of Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki filling the air as you race past Osaka Castle and dodge comedians practicing their stand-up. I'm laughing already.

As we're in such a good mood, we're revealing where levels 5, 6 and 7 are heading onto our Kickstarter page. Head there now to find out just where the Nippon Marathon is heading next:

So that's everything for now, but we have some very exciting news coming out in a couple of days. We want you to stick around for that!

Amy & Andy





たこ焼きやお好み焼きの香りに包まれながら、大阪城を通り過ぎたり、芸人さんたちの立ち回りをかわしたりと、"国民の台所 "を巡るレースにご期待ください。もう笑ってしまいました。





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