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🚀 SUPER 56 & Nippon Marathon : Double the Fun, Double the Savings at the Steam Autumn Sale! 🎮

Hello everyone,

Steam Autumn Sale

SUPER 56 is currently 10% off in the Steam Autumn Sale. So why not grab it whilst it's on offer!

Using only one button, test your nerve as you take on 56 stages in a ferocious and fast paced gaming experience like no other, well like Wario Ware, but this is on PC! Take on themed daily challenges and bask in the glory of being #1 🏆

But wait, there's more! Our first game, Nippon Marathon, is an insane 75% off! 🏃‍♂️🍣

Choose from a weird cast of characters and race across Japan in a marathon that no one can train for. There will be obstacles, but not ones you expect, and fruit can be your worst nightmare. If you like Takeshi's Castle and Micro Machines, then this maybe the game for you.

What's even better? Both games, together in the sale, are a steal at just $10! 💸 Treat yo'self to a double dose of laughter, tears, and maybe a bit of rage. (Disclaimer: SUPER 56 is technically single-player, but rumour has it, it's an excellent drinking game – don't ask us, read the reviews!)

Nominate us and more news!

Oh, and don't forget to vote for our games in the Steam Awards! 🏆 Participate, and you might just unlock some cool badges. Because who doesn't love badges? 🌟

an image of SUPER 56's cover art and text on image reads "nominate us 'best game you suck at' steam awards 2023'

an image of nippon marathon's cover art and text on image reads "nominate us 'labour of love' steam awards 2023'

Stay tuned for some exciting updates regarding SUPER 56, we're working on some extra content, including an unusual way to play SUPER56, lets just say your neighbours won't thank us, but we hope you'll MAKE SOME NOISE📢 for the new content 😉

We're also working on bringing the game to Nintendo Switch (scheduled early 2024)😊


Amy & Andy


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