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Guess what time it is? It's the much-awaited SteamNextFest, and we can't wait to dive into the amazing selection of demos that await us! 🚀 If you stumble upon any gems, don't keep them to yourself – share the excitement with us!

Now, while we're not officially part of the Steam Next Fest lineup this time around (we've had our moment in the spotlight), we couldn't resist joining the celebration. We've just rolled out an update to our Steam demo, and we're eager for you to check it out! 🌟

🛠️ What's new in the demo?

  • Bug fixes 🐞

  • Stage balancing ⚖️

  • General updates 🔄

But that's not all! We've introduced a cool feature – MIC MODE! 🎙️ Now, you can control the game using microphone input. It's an experimental addition, and we're hungry for your feedback. Explore this new dimension of gameplay under SETTINGS and let us know what you think in the Steam Forums.

Looking for some more information about MIC MODE? Check out our video here

Ready to level up your gaming experience? Download the updated demo now and immerse yourself in the excitement! 🕹️ Don't forget to share your thoughts and feedback – your input is invaluable to us.


Amy & Andy

Hey everyone!

It's been a hot minute since our last update, but fear not – we've been grinding behind the scenes on SUPER56. Here's the lowdown from Onion Soup Interactive HQ (jump to TL;DR):


video game lab rome promotional image

We're bringing SUPER56 to the VIDEO GAMES LAB ROME, which runs between Jan 25-28, 2024. Play SUPER56 in Rome by swinging by the Games London Booth, and meet us along with four other cool Indie devs showcasing their awesome games.

The other devs are:

  • Innoloop - Rhythm Towers

  • Overworld Games Studio - EMITIME

  • Scribblescape/Queensguard - Shards Between Us

  • MilkBubblesGames - GladiEATers

If you happen to be nearby, come say hi, play SUPER56, and snag some sweet sticker swag! We love stickers ❤️


virtual indie booth by indiegameiac logo

If you're not in Rome but want a piece of the action, we've been chosen to be a part of 'IndieGameiac's Virtual Indie Booth'! Catch the stream live at 8 pm (GMT), where IndieGameiac will be showcasing our game and we'll be hanging out in the chat. Get your questions ready!

Link to IndieGameiac's Youtube:


super56 in game menu highlighting new multiplayer mode

Hold onto your hats – multiplayer mode is in the works! We heard your pleas and added local multiplayer to SUPER56. Currently in Beta testing, we're ironing out the kinks for a seamless experience. You can even sneak a peek at the 'BETA' branch on SUPER56 (no password needed). Stay tuned on Steam and our socials for the big reveal! We're currently working on a trailer that will blow your socks off!


minigame of character smashing a car with bunny jumping across screen (like street fighter)

We've been on a bug-squashing spree! Added some extra flair to the stages – more guidance, simplifying the more abstract levels, and sprinkling in some extra weirdness. Because who doesn't love a bit of organised chaos?

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and If you haven't already, please visit our Steam page to buy SUPER56:

Thanks again,

Amy & Andy


TL;DR: SUPER56 is being showcased at VIDEO GAMES LAB ROME. Join IndieGameiac's Virtual Indie Booth to watch them stream SUPER56 & join us in the chat. Working on local multiplayer mode, currently in Beta.

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